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A beautifully-balanced scent that leaves a lovely floral aroma around the room. I like to spray it on my pillows at night and even use it as a body spray after my showers.


Seriously, love the fragrances! And the containers are gorgeous!


It has taken me until my mid-thirties to truly believe I AM WORTHY and it is nice to have a beautiful reminder to look at every day. The candle smells heavenly and so far has burnt beautifully.

Amethyst Crystal Room Spray - Lightly Lavender Essential Oil Blend Citrine Crystal Room Spray - Firget About It Essential Oil Scent Blend Clear Quartz Crystal Room Spray - Lightly Spiced Essential Oil Blend

fresh and airy

Crystal Natural Room Spray

High vibe your home with these crystal infused essential oil room sprays. Created to freshen the air and the energy in a room, which in turns freshens your energy within. Choose from 3 different scents and crystals.

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A bit about us...

Here at Mining For Soul we are committed to making quality products designed to remind you that you are worthy, you are enough, and you are perfect being your unique self.

All products are made in Seattle, WA by the owner, Brooke, with the intention of providing items that help you connect with your inner being.

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