Bridging the gap between "current you" > "ideal you" can feel overwhelming.

You know the ideal self, right? The version of you that resides in the future.

Where you've gotten over your fears and insecurities that keep you from taking action toward your goals.

You're working on yourself, learning the art of letting go of resistance and limiting beliefs, but it's grueling work at times isn't it? I know I feel it!

That's where Mining for Soul comes in.

Here we apply the magic of affirmation candle work as a tool for self healing.

There are many types of tools that are useful for self improvement work.

While there isn't any ONE magical tool that will heal all wound candles can be a gentle way to set the energy of your room and the intention for your soul reviving session.

The MFS line of affirmation candles are made by hand, full of clean non-toxic ingredients, and infused with intentional energy to be a reminder to you of your limitless potential in life.

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"Enough" Affirmation Candle + Digital Guidebook
Mining for Soul

Here's what our customers have to say.

It has taken me until my mid-thirties to truly believe I AM WORTHY and it is nice to have a beautiful reminder to look at every day. The candle smells heavenly and so far has burnt beautifully.


Seriously, love the fragrances! And the containers are gorgeous!


A beautifully-balanced scent that leaves a lovely floral aroma around the room. I like to spray it on my pillows at night and even use it as a body spray after my showers.


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Affirmation candles for your home and soul. Made by hand with non-toxic ingredients and infused with intentional energy to remind you of your limitless potential in life.

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