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A beautifully-balanced scent that leaves a lovely floral aroma around the room. I like to spray it on my pillows at night and even use it as a body spray after my showers.


Seriously, love the fragrances! And the containers are gorgeous!


It has taken me until my mid-thirties to truly believe I AM WORTHY and it is nice to have a beautiful reminder to look at every day. The candle smells heavenly and so far has burnt beautifully.


A bit about MFS

Here at Mining For Soul I'm just a one-woman show who loves to make candles and practice self love. My name's Brooke. Thanks for stopping by my space and checking this place out.

I'm committed to making quality candles (think non-toxic and as natural eco-friendly as possible). 

Each candle is a reminder to yourself. A reminder that you are WORTHY, ENOUGH, and LOVED in your imperfect human self.

All products are made in Seattle, WA by me probably while I was blasting some Fleetwood Mac.

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