5 Random Facts that Make Me Me

5 Random Facts that Make Me Me | Mining For Soul

The other month I blogged getting to know me facts and it's been a fun subject to blog about so I thought I would continue today with some more! This is an easy natural way to learn more about the lady behind Mining for Soul (me!) while also a way for me to get to know you! Maybe you do the same things I do? Or maybe what I write about will spark a story you feel called to share in the comments below. 

So without further ado, here are 5 random facts that make me, me. 

Fact One - I dry off from baths in a slightly different way.

I take a lot of baths and always get in the tub as the water is filling up. Then about half the time I hang out in the tub after all the water has drained away. I started doing this when I was really into a book I was reading and didn't want to put it down when I was done with my bath. Now I do it just as a way to air dry before getting out. Sometimes I'm in there for an additional 10 minutes just taking my air bath, ha ha!

Fact Two - My elbows and knees bug me sometimes.

This isn't as common as when I was in middle school, but sometimes the mere existence of my knees and elbows sticking out really bugs me. I used to get random fits and the only thing that helped was to lie down with my arms and legs really straight.

Fact Three - My dreams used to turn 2-D.

I remember this dream so vividly to this day. I was in third grade at the time and had a dream that I took a sip from a wine cooler (it was the 80s) and pretty much immediately everyone in my dream turned 2-D. They fell down on the ground and started rolling up like butcher paper. I tried desperately to straighten them out and get them to stand to no avail. 

This was a recurring dream for years until one day it stopped. I would really love to know the symbolism there, but so far I haven't found one dream dictionary or analysis site that has this exact scenario.

Fact Four - Going grey more than half my life.

going grey, top view of my head

Going grey, top view of my head

I found my first grey hair at 19. I knew I was in for early greying since I had my mom's dark brunette hair color and she too started going grey early. Since I turned 30 I've been back and forth on letting it grow out, but thought anytime before 40 was too soon. Now as I'm about to turn 38 in the new year I've decided to let it go natural. Dying is way too much of an upkeep and try as I might I can't get my natural dark brunette color with dye. 

I decided to get my hair cut short to make the process faster. Well the fastest way would be to shave my head, but I'm not willing to go there yet, though I was really close to doing so a couple months ago. I think at this point there is 45% grey coming in so it'll be interesting to watch. While I'm okay with going grey I will miss my dark hair. It's been a part of me my entire life and I've always loved the color.

However, I'm looking forward to the day when I can play around with pinks and purples in my hair without bleaching first so it's all going to be just fine in the end. Another lesson in embracing change and not trying to hold tight to what was.

Fact Five - I simultaneously love and fear hiking and backpacking.

While I only learned to love hiking in the past 10 years, I've always loved being in nature. I grew up as a kid going to the ocean and all our family vacations were camping trips. Later we moved to a small island in Washington State where there was an abundance of beach and woods to explore in a town with not much else going on. 

I started getting into hiking and camping again since moving to Seattle in'06 and now make plans to try and get a hike every other month in spring and summer. My sister and I met up in August for a sister hike around Mt Hood on the Timberline Trail. I love to strap a pack on and hike deep into the woods, but every time I go on any length hike my fear kicks into high gear. It's a mix of being afraid of some psycho man and being eaten by a bear or cougar. While on the Timberline Trail I kept finding myself giving thanks to the land for safe passage in order to keep my nerves in check, especially when we came to the raging rivers we had to cross.

My sister and I taking a break enjoying a Snickers on the other side of one river crossing.

My sister and I taking a break enjoying a Snickers on the other side of one river crossing. 

I'd love to go on more solo missions, but I honestly don't know if I could do it yet. I think that the only way to get past this fear is to get past it in the middle of the woods in a tent by myself and yeah... I'm not ready for that. So until that day comes I'll just be planning more hikes and camping trips with friends and family. 

Well that's it for my five random facts that make me, me. Any that you relate to here? Or any stories that came to mind as you read mine? If so I'd love for you to share below in the comments!


Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great rest of your day,

xo Brooke

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