Introducing the Latest Candle Collection

Introducing the Latest Candle Collection | Mining For Soul

Introducing the latest evolution of the affirmation candle, from container to label. ⁣

Newest Mining for Soul Affirmation Candle Collection

What I love about this one is it came together so easily and might be my favorite version yet. Sleek, simple, lidded, with an affirmation that feels more inclusive. ⁣

I am, you are, we all are loved. ⁣

All of us by a power within ourselves that is unconditional in nature. Time to tap into that more as a whole so we can in turn remember to be kinder and more compassionate to those around us. I know I could use this reminder more often in my own interactions.⁣

I’m getting so weary of how polarizing society has become. How hate spreads like wildfire, outward and inward. Seeing the online shaming, refusal to see beyond hot button issues, the ability we have to unfollow those who feel differently than us and stick to “our own”.⁣

I get that last one, I do, but there is no growth for anyone if we dehumanize each other because of our perspectives. The only way perspectives will truly evolve is if we interact with those who view the world differently, to see each other as humans who deserve to be here as much as we feel we do.⁣

It’s hard to know what to do about it and so what I do is create feel good candles to help spread the message even if it’s only to a smaller audience. Better than curling up in a blanket and ignoring it all. ⁣

This went deeper than I expected. Deeper than I realized the messages behind my candles were. It appears the evolution is more than candle aesthetics over here at Mining for Soul.

These are available for sale in limited quantities right now over on the shop

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