My Fail Proof Quick Confidence Boost Exercise

My Fail Proof Quick Confidence Boost Exercise | Mining For Soul

Years ago I was on the first backpacking trip of my adult life with a friend and there was a steeper section that required light scrambling up from the alpine lake we'd camped at the night before. My pack was heavy and I was unsure of my ability to make it up without wanting to topple over in exhaustion.


Enter confidence rock.  My friend began playing Eye of the Tiger while we climbed up so I'd keep going. Both of us met while working together where one of our co-workers would often play his Confidence Rock playlist.


He introduced me to the concept of music meant solely to pump up the confidence. I'd never heard of it before, but it made sense and mainly consisted of songs you'd find in every action movie montage sequence. When we played it at work it did help boost the collective energy.


And so my friend played Eye of the Tiger while I slowly climbed (more like crawled) up. It was corny, but effective at the same time.

Feeling tired while hiking up a steep stretch of trail

Me on that trail wishing I could just be at the top already.

Photo by @lizerbeem

Post hike climb rest time

Me perfecting that I'm-dead-from-climbing-up-out-from-that-lake-pose.

Photo by @lizerbeem


Four years later and while I've since learned that backpacking in cut-off jean shorts is a no-no I haven't focused on confidence boosting exercises in those moments I most need it, until this week.


I had a meeting with a shop about carrying my line of affirmation candles. It was my first ever experience applying to a retail shop so you can probably guess that I was a bit nervous prior. 

Keep reading below for how I dealt with these nerves.


 Handcrafted candles available in 3 empowering affirmations.
Always non-toxic, always made with love for you and the planet too.
enough affirmation candle being held up


I could feel I was all over the place. I felt scattered in thoughts and energy alike. I knew sitting still and meditating could help calm the nerves, but I was resisting taking a meditation time-out in the middle of the day. 


Instead I felt compelled to harness all this energy and focus it all into boosting my confidence about myself and my candles too.


I looked at my Enough affirmation candle and realized that I must not just believe that I'm enough, but that my candles are enough too.


While I looked at my candle I felt inspired to take a page out of Abraham Hicks' "Rampage of Appreciation" exercise. In this exercise you write down all that you appreciate for an allotted time. 


Instead of a Rampage of Appreciation I began typing up a Rampage of Confidence that I now refer to as Confidence Talk (feels like the perfect blend of Confidence Rock + Rampage of Appreciation).


In my Confidence Talk I wrote about why my candles are good enough. Why I'm good enough. I was repetitive in my words when I really needed them to sink in.


At times I felt just like Stuart Smalley here.


As I wrote I allowed my thoughts to turn off and began writing from my inner voice. Allowing it the time to speak up on my behalf. I only wrote for about 5 minutes, but it was working.


My energy was still pumping throughout my body, but this time it was unified and working towards a common goal of getting me to connect with my ideal self who sees her candles in shops around Seattle. Who sees and experiences the magic of her product so much that a sales-y pitch is unnecessary and would be inauthentic to her true self.


I was ready to go, feeling confident in myself and my product line. And I must say that I do feel it helped make that meeting a success. I wasn't focused on judging myself or allowing the inner critic to talk to me the rest of that day.


Was it all due to this Confidence Talk or would it have gone the same way regardless? That I won't know for without a Groundhog's Day type spell cast on me.


I do know that in doing this writing exercise I felt my best and enjoyed the experience fully. I was able to be in the present moment and take it all in while showing up as my best self.

Here's a small excerpt from my first Confidence Talk.


I’m enough to go after my dreams.

I’m enough to realize my dreams into goals.

I’m enough to go after my goals. 

I’m enough to take action daily towards my goals.

I'm enough to realize my dreams.


Want a peek inside the full unedited Confidence Talk to myself? Curious about what it's like writing what's in my head when no one's looking? While I don't want to share it for the world to see at large I'm willing to share it with you in the hopes that you'll find inspiration in it for yourself.


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