Are you feeling unsure of yourself? Feel like you're a bundle of nerves when you step out of your comfort zone to take action towards a goal of yours? Well I relate and felt inspired to share a recent story of how I boosted my confidence with an easy exercise that took just 5 minutes to do.

Allowing myself to live imperfectly and be okay with it feels so damn hard many days. It's harder than it looks, okay people? 

When I think of perfect humans my memory always serves me up a reminder near the end of the kid's short novel classic...

I'd heard of this 100 day project for a couple years now. Seeing the hashtag used on IG, but I've yet to actually participate. I like the idea of this challenge, but it also scares me. I've done other daily challenges like 22 days of videos or 40 days of kundalini yoga, but never 100 days in a row.