Read on for the argument of indulging more on a day to day basis with the items you choose to surround yourself with. Wear more of your outfits, put on more of your fun makeup, light more of your candles. When you choose to use more of the objects you bring into your life on a daily basis the more you show yourself just how worthy you are to take up space in this lifetime.
What to do when you're having a pretty good day only to be hit with that beast, anxiety for seemingly no reason at all? I wanted to share my recent experience and insight into my anxiety and how I helped move through it without fighting it.
Are your candles looking a bit sad now that you're burning them? Have they lost that newness shine to them and you aren't really lighting up inside when you use them? Check out this video for simple candle care tips to ensure your candle looks as great as the day you bought it.
Are you feeling unsure of yourself? Feel like you're a bundle of nerves when you step out of your comfort zone to take action towards a goal of yours? Well I relate and felt inspired to share a recent story of how I boosted my confidence with an easy exercise that took just 5 minutes to do.
Yeah I said it. Instant gratification is a life sucker and can drain us of our life's dreams, ambitions, and goals. Read on to see if you agree with my opinion and for how to stop this life sucker in its tracks so you can feel better about the life you lead today.