Painting a simple fun design on one wall turned into a lesson of what can happen when I silenced that inner critic and turned up the volume of my intuition. Click to read and see how one seemingly unimportant decision helped boost my inner confidence that I have the power to mold life the way I envision it to be...
We all have a higher version of ourselves that lives within us, patiently waiting for us to tap into this energy and incorporate it into our daily lives. if you're feeling discouraged or sad this may be the reminder you need that you have all the power within to create the life you dream of living.
What to do when you're having a pretty good day only to be hit with that beast, anxiety for seemingly no reason at all? I wanted to share my recent experience and insight into my anxiety and how I helped move through it without fighting it.
Are you feeling unsure of yourself? Feel like you're a bundle of nerves when you step out of your comfort zone to take action towards a goal of yours? Well I relate and felt inspired to share a recent story of how I boosted my confidence with an easy exercise that took just 5 minutes to do.
Yeah I said it. Instant gratification is a life sucker and can drain us of our life's dreams, ambitions, and goals. Read on to see if you agree with my opinion and for how to stop this life sucker in its tracks so you can feel better about the life you lead today.
“How bad do you want it?” That’s one of those things people tend to say whenever someone is faced with doing something or accomplishing a goal that is really difficult. I think in some ways this can be helpful, but another question might be more beneficial for us to ask ourselves...