When life slows down it's a great time to slow down along with it. Currently with the pandemic we're in the middle of we pretty much have no choice but to hit the pause button on the life we've been living up till now. A massive collective rest for those of us privileged enough to be able to shelter-in-place in safety....

Allowing myself to live imperfectly and be okay with it feels so damn hard many days. It's harder than it looks, okay people? 

When I think of perfect humans my memory always serves me up a reminder near the end of the kid's short novel classic...

Yeah I said it. Instant gratification is a life sucker and can drain us of our life's dreams, ambitions, and goals. Read on to see if you agree with my opinion and for how to stop this life sucker in its tracks so you can feel better about the life you lead today.
Today we're talking about the space that exists between all our choices that make up our habits. By witnessing this space we can harness the power within to make better choices to get us where we wish to go, faster and with more ease with time.
For most of January I remained silent in my business. At first I thought I'd take a week off, then one week became two. Each day I would silently
Here's the thing. I don't enjoy the holiday season. I wish I did, but I don't. I've hit a season of life where I relate more to