What to do when you're having a pretty good day only to be hit with that beast, anxiety for seemingly no reason at all? I wanted to share my recent experience and insight into my anxiety and how I helped move through it without fighting it.

Allowing myself to live imperfectly and be okay with it feels so damn hard many days. It's harder than it looks, okay people? 

When I think of perfect humans my memory always serves me up a reminder near the end of the kid's short novel classic...

I crashed and burned last month emotionally speaking. It feels messy and I don’t have the exact words to describe it, but basically I was hit with depression because I couldn’t hide from my deepest fears and doubts about myself any more. I found myself asking...
Last October I decided to stop dying my grays and let my natural color grow out. I wanted to do this for years, but didn’t have the guts thinking that to be prematurely gray before 40 was nuts. Could I really do it and not immediately turn into a frumpy old lady? 
For most of January I remained silent in my business. At first I thought I'd take a week off, then one week became two. Each day I would silently