The Power of Affirmations. Can They Make Me Feel Better?

The Power of Affirmations. Can They Make Me Feel Better? | Mining For Soul

The power of affirmations. Can they make me feel better?

We've all seen those motivational affirmation posters up in offices. Many feature animals such as a cute little cat with sayings like, "Hang in there." I've never been a fan of these myself and thought words of affirmations were pretty cheesy and pure fluff and I'd want to roll my eyes at the mention of the word affirmation.

A sudden life shift occurred

4 years ago when I found myself at my rock bottom after a solid decade of partying. I had enough of the road I found myself on and scarcely recognized the real me any longer. More so, the real me was there and had become someone I didn't want to be. I decided to turn my life around and work on being a better, more sober version of me. 

Around this time affirmations began to speak to me. At first I was drawn to ones that met me in my state of negativity and snark. I was berating myself hourly in my head and it was hard to be positive towards myself. A couple years later in my self development quest I began doing EFT (otherwise known as tapping).

While tapping specific points on your body you say aloud the sentences that are swirling around stuck in your thoughts. By saying them aloud you help to release their energy from your body. At the end of each sentence you add on " I deeply and completely love and accept myself." 

Here's a quick EFT sample script as an example:

"Even though I feel overwhelmed and like I don't know what I'm talking about I deeply and completely love and accept myself."

It was in doing EFT that I began to use self affirming affirmations of love towards myself, for the first time I can remember in my life. And it felt... WEIRD. Weird to tell myself I loved myself. I felt silly for it even though there was no one around to hear me. Even saying it silently in my head felt silly. 

It's sad. It's normalized to talk down to ourselves in our thoughts. Thinking positive thoughts can feel foreign and take work. I knew then that I really needed to speak these loving words of affirmations to myself more regularly. 

And so I did. Over time I grew comfortable expressing my love of self and replacing negative thoughts with empowering ones. 

It was like a scale measuring my thoughts.

I often described it as a two-sided scale with bad on one side and good on the other. In the start of my self development journey the scale was tipped to the bad side. Meaning that my go to thoughts were made of negativity. Over time in working with affirmations the scale started leaning towards positive side.

I still have negative thoughts pop up daily, but the volume is turned way down on them and it's becoming a habit to follow up any non-serving thought with a nicer one. I've had spectacular events happen in my life as a result of focusing on affirmations to get through times of self doubt. I know the power they hold in my own life and I wanted to share why I think they are so useful in the self care world.

The power of water

There was a Japanese water researcher, Masaru Emoto, who conducted experiments and then photographed the water after to see what formed. Water has the ability to alter into beautiful water crystals with words of affirmations. Negative hateful words rendered the water to form ugly images.

It's all captured in the book, The True Power of Water and is worth a read if you're at all curious to learn more about water and see some pretty convincing data around the power of words affecting water quality. 

What's water got to do with affirmations you ask?

Why am I talking about water crystals in an article about affirmations you ask? Well I'm talking about this because we humans are comprised of about 55% - 65% water.

Now if water samples have proven that words can change their structure to be more beautiful or ugly then why would the water that lives within us be any different? If we can help alter the water and energy within our bodies couldn't that be useful in feeling better in our bodies and our minds?

A self care tool that is accessible to all

Here's the really great thing about making an effort to think better thoughts and words of affirmations. It's completely free and accessible to you. Sure there are tons of affirmation jewelry, art, and the candles that I sell here. While objects with affirmations placed in your home or on your body can be a great way to remind you of talking more nicely to yourself, they aren't required to get started.

This is why I feel affirmations are important tools to use. At first we may feel like we're delusional and lying to ourselves when we use them, but over time it becomes the new normal and the mean thoughts stand out more as abnormal. It's a shift that takes time so be patient through the process. 

Are you a fan of affirmations or really not a fan? I'd love to hear your take below in the comments below. Also if there's someone in your life that'd be interested in this article please feel free to forward to them.

Thanks for reading today!

xo Brooke

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