We Have More Time Than We Think We Do

We Have More Time Than We Think We Do | Mining For Soul

There’s enough time to do what you want.  

The power of meditation right here

One of the first sentences spoken to me during meditation two years ago and still as powerful as ever to this day. We feel rushed to do the things we wish to do, create and experience in life. We don't have to feel this way.

I feel this a lot as there are so many projects that come to me that I wish to write and I can easily begin a thought cycle of there not being enough time. Can you relate to this rushed feeling? Here'e the thing though, the truly important things will be done in their own time so long as we get clear on what is most important to us and learn patience to work towards making what we want happen in life. 

A world heavy on content consumption

We live in an age of instant content consumption. At any hour of the day or night we can watch, read, view content people around the world are creating. For us that create content to share (and those who wish to create content, but aren't yet sharing) we live in a truly magical time where we can easily publish our work for anyone in the world to see. It's never been easier, but in some ways it feels harder because we are seeing similar content that we may feel called to create. And then we feel rushed to bring a finished product to the table for validation.

We don't see much of the in-between process. We're seeing it more on platforms like Instagram. I think this is why Instagram has always been my favorite social media site. Yes it's been monetized, but there is still that raw creative energy to it where we can share the in-between moments, our progress of working towards our goals and desires. A place to connect with like minded people who share our same dreams and fears. 

For me I know I want to feel at ease with the time it takes for my creations to manifest into the physical realm. I want to feel content sharing more of the in-between process during the planning and creation phases. And I wish for you to feel that same ease and contentment to do the same in your own life.

If you relate to this I urge you to repeat this mantra while taking deep breaths to reset your energy within. It works, it really does work to quiet ourselves so we can take action towards a life we only dream about today, even if it may take longer than we first assumed it would.

Thanks for reading today,

xo Brooke

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