Why I Love Football Season - A Surprising Benefit for Non Football Lovers Like Me

Why I Love Football Season - A Surprising Benefit for Non Football Lovers Like Me | Mining For Soul


writing by candlelight, surrounded by candles | Mining for Soul 

Football Season is officially underway. I live with a football fan, but I don't care so much about watching the games. Why do I love this season then? Read on and find out my surprising answer!


The start of football season was never much on my radar.


I could watch and enjoy games, but really only watched when I was dating a football fan. Watching games was a great way for me to get in hang time with the dude. A more embarrassing to admit (but true reason) is I wanted to show the guy that I could hang and wasn't some stereotypical sports hater. 


I do love sports, but they just aren't high up on my list to watch by myself. Unless the Olympics are on. I'm allllll about the Olympics and watching people going for those triple axles.


When I started dating my husband, an avid lifelong fan of football and the Seattle Seahawks, I would watch games with him. I watched mainly as a way to hang out with him more before we lived together. 


After we moved in together I would watch the occasional game, but I stopped watching so much of it. Now at 3 years married I only catch bits of games that are important or have a team or player that I like.

So why do I love football season?


I love it because it calms my always on the go project loving husband. We’re opposites in many ways with the big one being his need to be moving and my love of relaxing. Sometimes the energy in our home feels like a tug-of-war to me. Me wanting quiet time and him wanting to get things done around the home.


Typically summer is project month around the Goedecke Household. Weekends are meant to put in physical labor in the form of house projects, landscaping, fence building. Not to mention taking fun day or weekend trips out to enjoy the swimmable weather.


our end of summer project, building more fenceExample of our end of summer project, adding 130 more feet of fence to our property


There are all worthy projects or trips for us, but if I don’t get my creative alone time to paint, self reflect, write, meditate, read, work towards my creative goals I become irritable and start feeling like my needs are being pushed aside.


To be clear as Visine-laden eyes here I often push my own needs aside. It’s near impossible for me to feel okay about taking a slow day to myself if my husband is outside hard at work. He’s okay with it, but I feel guilty. It's been something I've been working to release during my self reflection time. 

I love Football Season because it brings the energy of our home down to my level.


Both of us have activities that we’d prefer to do alone in peace and quiet. Time feels slowed down. I feel like I can take the time to do what is important to me.

Yesterday, the first football Sunday in our household, was spent writing for hours on a new project and for this blog!

If your SO or friends are football lovers, but you don’t care much for the game yourself then take this time to do what will feed your soul.


Let them have their sports to watch. They love it and they'll be happier to be around if you allow them the things they love to do. 


Find something you love to do. Something you’ve been meaning to start or do more of. For me I'm taking these hours of undisturbed quiet time to complete writing projects I've had in my head for years. 


You could...

  • Take that long bubble bath

  • Open up one of those books stacking up on your nightstand

  • Paint

  • Craft

  • Write or journal

  • Play dress-up and take artsy or silly self-timed photos.

  • Dance by candlelight to Fleetwood Mac

  • Learn a new skill

  • Cook or bake a new or cherished family dish

  • Practice yoga

  • Connect with your inner being through meditation

Whatever you choose to do, take advantage of the fact that your partner is doing what they love to do and do something you love, by yourself.


Then when you come together at the end of the day you can spend some quality time together. If only I could get my cats to understand about this quiet alone time I'd be set!


Now it's your turn. What is one activity that you wish you had more alone and undisturbed time to spend on? Share in the comments below or you can

send me a DM over on the Mining for Soul Instagram


Thanks for reading today!

xo Brooke


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