You Are Resilient - Afternoon Candle Club Session 1

You Are Resilient - Afternoon Candle Club Session 1 | Mining For Soul

While pandemics and quarantines are not fun I must admit that a few silver linings have been born from this historic time for myself.


I feel more confident in expressing myself publicly online. I listen to my intuition more frequently and allow it to guide me. I feel inspired to bring a bit more light-hearted silliness to my business.

All of the above have resulted in me lighting an afternoon candle each day over on Instagram which then evolved into a brand new video series over on Instagram where I dance around my house with an affirmation candle.

If you follow me there you've no doubt seen one or two of them.

At first, it was just an experiment and now I've decided to create and publish them 3 times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in what I like to call #theafternooncandleclub

Choosing to light candles in the middle of the afternoon is not always the norm, especially when the weather heats up like it is now. I wrote more about the significance behind this the other week in this post if you're curious to learn more about the why behind my reasoning.

And so without further ado I introduce you to the first-ever affirmation candle dance video, RESILIENCY.


  Music: Free Driving

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