I'm Brooke, the one-woman show behind Mining For Soul and the affirmation candles.
I began making container candles 5 years ago as I was also getting into spirituality and self development for the first time in my life. Candles definitely helped me tap back into my creative self and remind me to get in touch with my higher self.
Making and selling the candles started to feel conflicting to me. I didn't want to contribute to mass consumerism culture, but I also felt a tug to create candles to be more intentional and powerful.
I felt a disconnect between making candles and what I was growing passionate about (self exploration) and wanted to find a way to connect the two.
Thus was born the affirmation candle line in the summer of 2017! I was getting into using affirmations in my personal mindset work and I wished to be surrounded by affirmations to keep my inner critic in check.
I believed affirmations on candles had potential to be powerful and help not only me, but others in their own self exploration journeys.

Lighting a candle brings about a quiet sort of magical energy to a room. The flicker of the flame helps anchor you in the present moment and allow you to remember that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE to create for yourself in this lifetime.

A reminder that you're enough, worthy, loved complete, and resilient to be, do, have what you feel deep in your bones is meant for you in this lifetime.
To keep moving forward and going towards building the best life for you possible.

When you purchase an affirmation candle I want you to use your inner guidance when working with it.

  • Light it and use the time to do what feels good to you in the moment.
  • Or use that time to work on unraveling your limiting beliefs and any blocks holding you back from your dream life.
  • Maybe you simply focus on the message and allow the affirmation to sink in.

However you choose to work with these candles is the right way for you.

xx, Brooke

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