I used to think that self love was some fluffy advice that felt too easy of an answer to my troubles. All I have to do is love myself and life will feel good to me? 

I now know self love to be the scariest and heaviest work I've ever embarked on. Coming face to face with my inner demons that I kept locked away in my shadows.

We can't truly love ourselves until we face our shadows and love them too. To accept and love all our ourselves fully, no matter what we've gone through or done in our past. 

Mining For Soul is about learning to turn our attention to our inner world and seek our own answers to how to feel better in this life we're living. Mining within to discover our soul and inner gems.

By uncovering these inner gems we can then create the life we feel in our bones is ours to live. To have those dreams we keep to ourselves one day come true.

xo Brooke G.


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