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Mining For Soul

Candle Scent Sample Pack

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I get it. It's hard to buy scented candles online. Where's our smell-o technology at already? 

Enter candle scent sample packs! You purchase a pack to so you can smell the scents before you commit to purchasing an affirmation candle.

Each tea light is housed in a recyclable aluminum container.

Scents that are included in this sample pack:

  • Lavender Citrus - an invigorating scent great for spring / summer. A blend of lavender, fir needle, grapefruit, and litsea (lemon) oils.
  • Lightly Spiced - this is a great fall / winter blend that is full of warm scents like clove leaf, palmarosa, bergamot essential oils

If you purchase a candle after trying out these samples your order will be discounted $5.00 making the samples free in the long run.

Limit one sample pack per order please.