Citrine crystal fir room spray 4 oz
Citrine crystal fir room spray 4 oz side view
Mining For Soul

Citrine Crystal Room Spray - Firget About It Essential Oil Scent Blend

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Freshen up the energy around you with this all natural aromatherapy room spray. Made from glacial water infused with citrine crystal and scented with 100% essential oils.

  • Lightly upbeat blend of Fir Needle, Pink Grapefruit, Clary Sage essential oils
  • Citrine charged glacial water. 
    • Citrine crystals are known to bring abundance and positivity while clearing away any stagnant energies and bad vibes
    • Sea salt
    • 4 ounce clear glass bottle with white mister

      This spray helps you ground and reset during those days when life feels like a lot to handle. Perfect for letting go of an often chaotic and messy outer world to retreat to your quieter inner world by cleansing the air and energy around you.